Lesson Plans
Choir 4th Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/09/2007 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: The students were feeling pleased and gratified over the outcome of our March 31st contest. It truly was a very satisfying accomplishment; their patience and maturity played an integral part in this achievement. This week will really fly by! We have about 30 entries for solo/ensemble contest next Monday in Fulda, so everybody will be working feverishly to get music memorized and polished in the upcoming days. The seniors won't rejoin us until Friday so we will be anxious for their return! Tuesday and Wednesday we will have the choir stay with us, then on Thursday, Friday and next Monday, those not involved in ensemble contest will go to study hall. We will move to "performance phase" starting on Friday and Monday and have the students listen and evaluate each other for positive feedback and helpful criticism. Shirley Iverson of Lamberton, (originally Shirley Refsal of Westbrook), and Joyce Madson, as well as Elizabeth Johnson have been assisting many of these students with their preparations. We'll work hard to get everyone ready for next Monday!
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The choir recital/concert date HAS BEEN CHANGED! We are moving our concert back by TWO WEEKS, to May 22nd. So instead of May 8th, we will be on May 22nd; with the recital starting at 6:30 and the concert at 7:30. So please mark your calendars!
Choir Music: We are making some headway on "Every Time I Feel the Spirit". On Wednesday, we are going to take a look at "Turn the World Around"; a calypso piece. Next week we'll begin our sacred piece. "Praise We Sing to Thee" a chorale by Haydn.
Voice Skills: We will focus on the advice our contest judges gave us; in particular how to "deepen our tone".
Sightreading/Theory: These two skills have taken a back seat to listening and analysis, and will likely make a return by the middle of next week.