Lesson Plans
Choir 4th Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/31/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: Two full weeks to finish preparing our 42 students involved with solo/ensemble contest. Our registrations will be sent in on Wednesday. On Friday the final cuts will be made for any solos or groups that have not completely finished learning their piece and have it pretty much memorized. Joyce Madson, Shirley Iverson, and Elizabeth Johnson have been generously donating their time to help the students during choir. Each group, solo, and duet has an assigned weekly time they meet with Mrs. Knott as well. This week is memory week. Next week will be performance and polish week, as we will devote choir time to the students so they can perform for each other and get feedback for a "reality check".
Music Reading: I purchased an expensive new book that I'll really study over the summer and put into complete use next fall, but I'm anxious to try some of the preliminary ideas. It's called Progressive Sight Reading, and it coincides with the Kodaly system used in our elementary music programs. It was developed by a professor at South Carolina State University, and I attended her presentation at the Music Teachers' convention in February. Stay tuned.
Music: We will get the intro more solid on Wade in the Water, then work through p.7. The Bach we will concentrate on p.4-5, the love song drill p.2-4 and get a good look at the four part men's section on the next two pages.We'll bring back our contest pieces so that they don't lie fallow too long.
Singing Skills: Same as last week. Phrasing (no 'flat-line' singing), expressive delivery of the text, low breath set and using it to sing above the pitches, and careful listening to match vowels.
Music Analysis:Analyzing every page of music as we go for vowels, words for textual meaning, rhythms, harmonies, form, rhythmic styling, articulation and mood.