Lesson Plans
Choir 4th Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/30/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We need to cover a lot of ground this week. First of all the students involved in solo/ensemble contest will need to make tracks. Joyce Madson, Deb Warner, and Elizabeth Johnson are volunteering their time to work with these students this year during choir. All solos, ensembles, and duets also meet weekly with Mrs. Knott. We have a number of projects that we need to pick up where we left off before contest preparations got so intense. Groups will need to reconvene to prepare their Pop Song Presentations, do their little research topics on Guatamala. Individuals will be doing study sheets on two of our pieces. All special groups meet as scheduled
Singing Skills: 4th quarter is a time of synthesis. In quarter one we emphasized the fundamentals of singing; quarter two was the fundamentals for a choral group; quarter three its the fundamentals for a song, and now in the 4th quarter the emphasis is on putting it all together: "Practicing the skills to become the best singer I can be" This week we will be focusing on registers and breath energy.
Reading Skills: We will be working intervals and back to our sight reading materials.

Listening/Evaluating Skills: We are going to record ourselves singing "GLoria" by Haydn this week
Repertoire: We are bringing back two pieces from the fall festival; a piece by Haydn, and a spiritual "Shine On Me" Besides our two contest pieces we are working on a piece from Korea, and "The Happy Wanderer" from Austria and a contemporary spiritual "Nothin' Gonna Stumble My Feet" Each piece has its unique challenges and enjoyable aspects. We are polishing the pieces from last fall and in the early learning stages with our three new pieces.
Music Analysis: We are doing form and harmony analysis on "Wanderer", rhythm and harmony analysis on "Nothin' Gonna Stumble" and talk a lot about phrasing/interpretation on "Ahrirang"