Lesson Plans
Choir 4th Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/13/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: COOKIE DOUGH COMES THURSDAY APRIL 16TH. We'll remind the students every day! CHORALAIRES NIGHT REHEARSAL APRIL 16TH. Every year we schedule one night rehearsal in the auditorium to consolidate our choreography for contest. We are going to start at 5:45 and finish around 7:00. This is a fun time of year because the students are able to bring all their learning "together" and sing at their highest level. This week will still offer practice opportunities during choir for our solos and ensembles. Again we thank Deb Warner, Elizabeth Johnson, and Joyce Madson for volunteering their time to help our students. Special groups meet as usual; with the Choralaires meeting in the auditorium on Thursday morning. Small group contest is May 2nd in Jackson. Students should not wear jeans or T shirts of any kind. Looking ahead to our choir concert I've mentioned to the students to dress more colorfully this year. Boys can wear khakis or dress pants. No jeans. Preferably a tucked in shirt. Girls if they want to wear pants may wear black pants. No capris at all. They may opt for a dress or a skirt of a length close to the knees. Choose a top that is modest... and colorful!
Paperwork Due this week: Picaflor topics fact finds are due from each group on Friday. Students can have until Thursday to get their song study sheets in. Our goal is to have one group ready to give a pop song presentation on Friday of this week since we do not have CPT after all.
Singing Skills: 4th quarter in our syllabus its called "synthesis" meaning that we emphasize 'the big picture', 'bringing everything together' to help students focus on their personal voice and put forward their best singing. #1 Low breath,high sternum, rhythmic energy #2 create the sounds inside words, be aware of the jaw movement #3 Energize the sound forward, spinning #4 shape phrases, bring out word meaning, and adhere to dynamics in the music.
Reading Skills: We have been reviewing listening, singing intervals. We will go back to actual note reading this week and focus on reading the intervals in simple chords.
Listening: One of the hardest yet invariably valuable and important objectives we have is to record and listen to ourselves. We did not get to it last week. We'll go for Friday before the Pop Song Presentation by one of our groups.