Lesson Plans
Choir 9-12 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: This is a big week for us. NWEA testing is over, we have our seating finished, our music folders assigned, we even gained two new members last week; one baritone bringing the male singers up to 40, and one alto, bringing the girls up to 36. Great to have them walk in the door! We will have our first Vocal Jazz rehearsal on Wednesday a.m. at 7:30 to prepare the songs for the choir festival select choir. It appears we have a couple young accompanists to get started too, always an exciting thought! The students finished personal surveys and we will get the groups organized this week: likely 8-9 in number.
Singing Skills: We started the 7 Fundamentals for Singers last week (posture-alignment, and breathing) This week we'll focus on breath energy,and open mouth-jaw-throat. We use an experiential, discovery method of compare and contrast, feeling differences and an emphasis on healthy singing, all the while listening to yourself and those in the choir. We will introduce a couple new rounds this week and specific singing exercises to immediately put the skills into use and then refer to the skills as we work repertoire.
Music Reading: We started in where we left off last year with the multi-tasking: rhythms + melody reading of stepwise exercises. The students often keep the beat with one foot, tap and read two lines of rhythms at the same time. Or tap the beat, tap a rhythm and sing stepwise exercises. As of now we are still concentrating on pentachords (do-re-mi-fa-sol)in various places on the staff.
Theory: Mrs. Knott led a theory discussion last week with "Joyful Noise" We will continue to look at the chromatic maneuvering of that piece and listen to chord changes and the major/minor exchanges within it. The Mozart is all in the key of C and we emphasized the canon quality that uses different steps of the scale.Improvisation: Over the years improvisation with world and folk songs has often sprung from Mrs. Knott. Hopefully this year small groups will be able to create some that the choir can use. This week a new song will be introduced that will be used for that purpose.
Music Analysis/Listening:
We will strive to have the portfolios up and ready by the end of the week.The students will be able to start on the analysis form for their boys' piece or girl's piece.
The listening emphasis for now is during voice skills.
Repertoire: We learn pieces in blocks; working all aspects of the song as we go, rather than one at a time; wholistic learning I have come to believe is more effective.
Make a Joyful Noise: Continue to work A1, A2, A3 sections.
Mozart: Complete the Alleluia sections to the end.
Inscription of Hope: Do overall discovery of piece,follow with closer analysis of first section, learn pages 2-6