Lesson Plans
Choir 9-12 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/28/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: Boys' 50's and Choralaires interest should be made known to Mrs. Knott this week. We got a lot done last week and look forward to another very productive week. We hope to get the discussion groups organized, and we'll begin the girls' and boys' pieces on Tuesday and Thursday. Make up work for those desiring it should be available by Thursday. We also hope to have our portfolios in hand on Friday.
Voice Skills:continue in breath energy, breath to sound, relaxation, standing in freedom, and this week focus on the role of the mouth and jaw, tongue in producing good sound. Warmups will include work on singing through an entire phrase on one vowel, on one breath
Reading Skills: Working at the difficult multi-tasking with rhythms. We also are reading the five note patterns from where we left off last year. Emphasis will go onto intervals major and minor, and all the relationships within the scale. Quite a few warmups include listening and creating harmonies using scale tones.
Analysis Skills: We have finished analysis of the three SATB songs, so we will turn our attention to the girls' piece and the boys'. The girls' song is an American spiritual with repeating melodic countermelodies and rhythms. The boys' is a short suite of three pieces; tremendous contrast in style, rhythms, and texts.
Repertoire: We will work on the ending of Joyful Noise Monday, and the second section of Inscription of Hope. On Tuesday, the bulk of the rehearsal will be devoted to the boys' selection "Trilogy of Knighthood" Wednesday the freshmen will be gone, so we will have an small group discussions on concert setup and takedown. Then we will review the boys' music before working on Mozart. Thursday is set aside for girls and Friday we will have a review of everything and time for small group meetings.