Lesson Plans
Choir 9-12 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/19/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: Great success at festival. Lots of good singing and enjoyable music making. The clinician was very appreciated and he enjoyed our students. This week we turn our attention to Veteran's Day and Christmas! The seniors will meet tomorrow to make some decisions and recommendations on a number of issues coming up.
Singing Skills: We continue our work with what I have named "Seven Fundamentals for Singers" This week we will do a lot of experimentation and discovery with regard to vertical space and vowel shapes, as well as creating an inner smile/lift of the soft palate.
Reading/Theory/Improvisation: We will renew our commitment and work on reading and multi-tasking with rhythms. I'd like to experiment with having the small groups create improvisations to go with some folk songs we've been learning. The students received their portfolios last week; we need to add a music terminology paper and a study sheet for "Inscription of Hope".
Music and Music Analysis: Because we are starting new music this week we will be examining and doing overviews of a lot of pieces. We look at the treatment of various elements within each song, discuss the mood and meaning of the text, and get an overall feel for the key and harmonies within each song.
Paperwork: The students will need to do 1 song analysis, 1 song study sheet and fill out a music terminology/ text vocabulary sheet before the quarter's end. As time allows we will do some small group voice oral tests as the quarter winds down.