Lesson Plans
Choir 9-12 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/07/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We are down to the final week before our concert. We got the Hallelujah chorus packets delivered and we are hoping for a good turnout! The special groups will meet as scheduled. We will be assigning setting up and taking down responsibilities for the upcoming concert. Also, new duties involving our new uniforms will have to be instituted. Those items will receive discussion and attention this week. Our committee for choosing Pops Concert music met last week and handed in their recommendations. This week we will have the first meeting of the contest music committee on Friday. In January we will take about 20 -24 students to the Barbershop Clinic in Jackson, sponsored by the Windom Chordhustlers. We have 6 students who were accepted to attend the Dorian Festival at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa; that is an exciting event so we were very pleased to receive confirmation that all of our nominees were accepted.
Voice Skills: We worked extensively on resonance last week. We listened to ourselves and determined that the alto section needs to create more 'head tone' in their sound, the basses need more core sound to their pitches plus careful listening in order to sing more in tune. The tenors need to add more brilliance to their tone so that they can be heard. All the sections worked to add more breath energy to their sound and we reminded the softer singers how important it is that they add their voices to the mix. The choir is better for their contributions.
Repertoire: We concentrated heavily on Star Carol, working the phrasing and text with care. We also worked extensively on Ding Dong Merrily on High, by far our biggest challenge. Because we spent large portions of our rehearsals working to improve our sound, we had less time to spend on separate songs. This week we will change our focus and work to give memory, polish, and shine to each of the five songs we will be performing. So much of improving at this point depends on careful listening of ourselves, our sections, and the entire choir. Ding Dong: diction, precise vowels, staying together, precision of rhythms. As Lately: let melody shine through, careful diction, watch the dynamic markings, make sure the phrases dance. I Saw Three Ships: each verse has its own personality and voicing. We will work to give contrast to each one through text and dynamic contrast. Star Carol: This piece too is challenging. Review the careful working we gave verse 1 and 2, and do the same with verse 3. This lullaby requires careful listening to create the exceptionally beautiful harmonies. Hallelujah Chorus, sing and enjoy! S
Reading Skills: We have concentrated on singing intervals and chord exercises that help improve pitch and listening. We will do some reading and multi tasking with rhythms this week.
Listening Analysis: We'll try to record ourselves again Monday or Tuesday and listen for improvement in our tone.