Lesson Plans
Clay 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/14/2013 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
they started a coil /pinch pot on friday it is to be a flared out shape.

we need to start a new lesson on making clay rattles, the rattle is made with two clay balls ,that are the same size and made into 2 pinch pots, then make about 7 small balls each one covered with a little paper towel ,put these inside one of the halves and then score and slip the edges of both pinch pots together , work carefully to seal edges good and to not get the pots out of shape , i really want you to have a circle here.
Design the ball with a theme, think of nature , like leaves all around , think of a cause such as breast cancer. for design you can carve in or add on embellishments.
Store in a bag as needed.
continue on with the rattle as needed.
We will start a slab construction piece.
first we will do a small 3 sided piece to learn the skills. we will also do a lid so the students will have the experience of creating a lid that fits , the how to do it.
The theme for the outside is vines and flowers.
Slab work.

our large project for slab work. the students will look up an artist and will create a visual story of the artist and their work. i have books on the top shelf of the book shelf cabinet. these books contain information on artists , also their are artists folders in the second drawer down in the brown file cabinet- the students must plan out each side in writing and also the top and the handle before work begins.
The box will be a 6'' by 4'' base. with a height of 4 inches.
As they plan they are to use these measurements.
work on box
work on box