Lesson Plans
Clay Block 3 and 4 2nd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/09/2015 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
We are still working on our boxes.
The boxes are 4 sided with cut outs and a lid. You can also embellish it.
Grading 1st 2 clay pots.
Get wheel throwing each student will create 2 successful wheel thrown pots.
Advanced tea set.
Pot with a rim to add a collar or holes at the top. This assignment is to show that you can Add other things to a clay pot once they are made. That the student can also create a piece of pottery that is symmetrical and is shaped to fit a design.
Grade handled pot
Pot with collar or holes at the top.
Grade footed pot
Wheel continue

we did boxes
pot with holes or collar.
mimbres bowl, this is a bowl that is created with a thick coil.pulled and rubbed together. the bowl has slopping sides upwards,is glazed with black and white.

Strike mimbres bowl-
We did boxes
Mimbres bowl

No mimbres bowl
We will start a lesson on creating a bowl or pot with added organic materials. either on the collar or on top of the rim.