Lesson Plans
College Academic Writing 3rd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/04/2016 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No school--teacher workshop

Intro to Eng 151--registration (http://www.smsu.edu/academics/collegenow/?id=5253), the course description: rationale, assignments: the progression of major papers, the syllabus

The explaining a concept essay (the state of an issue)--the players, the history, the positions, the degree of seriousness/the implications for society, the possible futures; the basic essay structure: thesis, forecasting statements, support; read "Cuing the Reader" 600-604 top

read an example (Capital Punishment, Duncan, handout): consider the scope/topics covered, the definitions, the thesis, forecasting statements

Review the 600-604 top reading; consider Duncan--the scope/topics covered, the definitions, the thesis, forecasting statements; the explain a concept concept: the state of an issue;

Information access--library access (http://www.smsu.edu/library/)--log in with star id; the library, the catalog, databases, search parameters (keyword, limiters), abstracts, articles, works cited, bibliographies;

using keywords and limiters with the catalog (note the need for the 14 digit/last name library card), using Boolean searches; find books with subject sports->topic injuries->subtopic hockey or subject art->topic impressionism->subtopic technique or subject economics->topic jobs->subtopic future prospects or subject education->topic->pedagogy->project based learning; find journal articles on the same

Supporting strategies--list: definition, analysis, compare/contrast, synonym, classification, analogy, steps in a process, reasons/warrants, data, examples, anecdote

read "Defining" 639-646: simple definitions, extended definitions, historical definitions, stipulative definitions

do exercise 16.1: three types of sentence definitions--direct, subordinate, appositive, due end of the period Friday

do exercise 16.3 (100 word scope, respond with expository paragraph(s)/sentences, MLA formatted), list at the bottom the strategies used, due end of the period Friday

do exercise 16.6, respond with list/sentences, due end of the period Friday

do exercise 16.7 (100 word scope, expository paragraph(s)/sentences, MLA formatted), due end of the period Friday

For Monday--read "Comparing and Contrasting" 653-658