Lesson Plans
College Academic Writing 3rd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/15/2016 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Apostrophe ex. due


Explain a concept--final due beginning of the period

Explain a concept paper reflection--scope, evaluation criteria; due Thursday beginning of class

Apostrophe ex. #2--due Wednesday beginning of class


Apostrophe ex. due--see key, email results

Claim-warrant-data (evidence)--definitions

Debate--select a debate (claim) (187) list the the stock arguments (warrants): argue/evidence==rebut, argue/evidence==rebut, argue/evidence==rebut, argue/evidence==rebut: finding common ground/compromise

Finding common ground--read 184-185

read Bagaric/Clark 233-234, list the claim(s), arguments, evidence; read Johnson 235-238, list the claim(s), arguments, evidence, due Friday

Discuss Bagaric/Clark and the arguments/evidence and Johnson and the arguments/evidence

Evidence--five types: anecdotal, testimonial, statistical, analogical, physical; identify the types used in Bagaric/Clark and in Johnson

Framing a debate/framing an argument--definition, examples

read Mae 195-197, do #4 198 (p), do #2/#3 199: one combined response (p), do #2 200 (p); due Monday beginning of class

read Review Bernard lists--read Comparing and Contrasting 653-658 (again)
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