Lesson Plans
College Composition 3rd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/24/2014 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Explain a concept essay--due: beginning of the class

Review Bernard (outline, two questions in the margin) due: beginning of class; discuss: the use of analogy, other methods of development, the motivation for seeking common ground--where the goals of each position overlap: motivating factors--values, morals/ethics/religious principals, ideology, fears (which is most powerful?)

Look up "Abu Ghraib" in an encyclopedia, if needed; read Mae: 195-197; note how Mae introduces the controversy--as associated to a specific event: Abu Ghraib, and how she establishes the opposing authors' authority in the first two paragraphs;

Read 198-200, how does Mae explain the idea that "the answer [to bridging the differences between Johnson and Bagaric/Clark] lies in the real world application of their principles"? (how does she allow Bagaric/Clark a way out?) (p), according to Mae, what do both positions believe in/recognize? (l) write her thesis statement. (s)--email your responses by the beginning of the period on Wed., no need to format other than as indicated

The "annotations chart" (218)--do it for Mae (not "essay 1 and 2", but "position 1 and position 2" in her essay)--email response--use a google spreadsheet for the columns--due by the beginning of the period on Wed.


Print out and read the opposing articles for your topic at the Points of View Reference Center; note that the specific issue the articles argue is not necessarily the issue you will focus on for your "finding common ground" essay. Besides, you will not be finding common ground between articles/authors but between positions.

Read 216-218; do the chart for your your opposing articles; email the response by the beginning of class on Friday

Drill into your topic; what are the two "sides", for example, Zuag Paj might find the sides "inoculate against HPV before teenage years" and "do not inoculate against HPV before teenage years"; Mai Her might find the sides "the Affordable Care Act is a good deal" and "the Affordable Care Act is not a good deal"; Brody might find the sides "taxes are an effective way to prevent the problems associated with a growing wealth gap" and "education is a better way to deal with the problems associated with a growing wealth gap"; answer the questions "what are the two sides?" and "how would the universe be better when common ground is found?" with a paragraph; email the response by the beginning of class Friday

Find and annotate (add them to your annotated bibliography) two articles that support the "sides" of your issue--use the library, not google; a due date will follow


Find and annotate two articles that support the "sides" of your issue; a due date will follow

Review paraphrasing:

go to the page that follows and review the concept--https://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/QPA_paraphrase2.html

go the the page that follows and see some examples of effective and ineffective paraphrases--

do the exercise on appropriate paraphrasing--

do the exercise on paraphrasing that I've emailed to you; use it as a template (you'll have to run Word), feel free to discuss your response before emailing your document--email me your document by the beginning of class on Monday