Lesson Plans
College Composition 3rd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/23/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Bibliography--due end of school day; drafting

Explain a Concept--final due end of school day; drafting

Reflection paper--discuss parameters: reflect on experiences in the course, the entrance into the academic discourse community, on your evolution as independent scholar, critical thinker, and academic writer, and the attendant challenges and successes you have experienced; focus, essay structure, paragraph development, prose, evaluation criteria, scope; due Friday end of school day

Finding common ground intro--three stories: land use, school uniforms, stem cell research; purpose--to inform/educate; steps: understand/deliver the nature of the debate: the background, scope, arguments/opposing arguments, consequences; locate win-win, not zero-sum possibilities via: common values, principles, ideology, fears, priorities/agendas; without bias; read 184-194, note the paragraphs that suggest common ground, what the common ground rests on (common values, principles, ideologies etc), note how Bernard frames the issue to reach common ground; due Thursday



Finding common ground--review Bernard: Mitchell's position, Walker framing the issue; read Mae, outline: what she accomplishes in each paragraph, where/how she finds common ground, what the common ground rest on; due Friday

Avoiding passive voice/progressive tenses--review ex.

Reflection paper due at the end of the school day

Finding common ground--review Mae; read the section on Mae's development of her essay (including the two essays she uses as sources); note that in Bernard and Mae both use two essays as sources, consider how the essay might differ if instead of using two sources, one for each position, the author used two positions, due Monday

Avoiding passive voice/progressive tenses--quiz