Lesson Plans
College Composition 4th Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/07/2014 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Argument--review the types of thesis statements: opinion, policy, evaluation, cause, interpretation; the logical structure of argument (from the video): review premise/conclusion--indicator words (since, if, because, from which it follows, for these reasons, and therefore, so, hence, thus, it follows that, as a result, consequently);

discuss thesis statements, types of thesis statements, and premises upon which an argument rests: review readings--Barber, Quindlen, National Review Editorial

do exercise p. 267: do premise/conclusion analysis;

Vague pronoun references--definition, example; exercise 235, 39, 164 (list the ones not done correctly); due Friday

Argument models--premise/conclusion, and Toulmin: claim, warrant, data (or warrant, data, claim; or data) backing, qualifier, reservation (rebuttal);

Toulmin--read Toulmin handout (Toulmin's Analysis); do for Wednesday: http://wps.ablongman.com/ab_devito_esshumcomm_5/20/5220/1336336.cw/index.html

Read "Using the Toulmin Model", do exercises; read 264-274; exercise: Statsky's claim, evidence(s), warrant(s), backing, qualifier, rebuttal--Toulmin map, due Wednesday
Response to the Finding Common Ground Essay--parameters, evaluation criteria; due Friday, end of the day

Argument--review the reading, paper features, Statsky's claim, evidence(s), warrant(s), backing, qualifier, rebuttal; another argument perspective: thesis, reasons, support; another argument perspective (to go with premise/conclusion, Toulmin, and thesis, reasons, support): Grounds for Argument--questions at the core of argument, read handout "The Basic Principle" and do exercise on line: (http://www.groundsforargument.org/drupal/argument/build/how-it-works)

Finding Common Ground Essay--final due end of the day

Dr. Berry visits--comments on position paper: thesis that's arguable, clear appropriately qualified; argument patterns

Thesis statements--read 660-661; thesis conferences Friday and Monday: sign up


Response to the Finding Common Ground Essay--due at the end of the day

Thesis conferences

Vague pronoun references--review exercises 235, 39, 164 (at St. Martin's website)