Lesson Plans
College Composition 4th Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/14/2011 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No school--faculty workshop

An overview of the course--the syllabus, the genre the students will write, evaluation criteria, journals, journal evaluation criteria, homework; email me

Attitudes towards writing--read p.p. 8-12 (including exercises). During the reading you encounter 17 quotations from various authors. Review them and select one that has particular meaning to you, a perspective you admire or disdain, a notion that you can relate to. Write at least a page in response. When you're finished with the response, write an additional half page or so about how you responded. Was responding easy? Difficult? Did you use a strategy? Did you learn something while responding?

Attitudes towards writing--review reading from Tuesday

Writing an experience--place, character, event/conflict, voice, theme: the stuff of experience/narrative (the narrative elements); example--read "Calling Home" (p.p. 19-22); after reading focus on paragraphs 3-6, list the verbs, list three alternatives for any three (nine new ones total), why do you think Brandt chose this event to write about? respond with at least half a page

Review the response to "Calling Home" from Wednesday; the text divides the story into colors: story, description, significance: what narrative elements do they correspond to?

Writing an experience--voice and character: the choices an author makes--connotation/denotation; do ex. 118 "Word Choice," ex. 255 "Appropriate Words," ex. 254 "Exact Words," and ex. 12 "Exact Words" at the St. Martin's website (print out results); example: read from "An American Childhood", list three spots where Dillard reveals voice with the choices she makes, list three spots where Dillard reveals character with the choices she makes

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