Lesson Plans
College Composition 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/01/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Spring break--no school

Taking a position essay--review reading: building a position on refutation--Etzioni and Goldwasser: taking a position by refutation--contrast Etzioni and Goldwasser with Statsky and Estrada; discuss thesis statement ideas: what sort of thesis (assertion of opinion, assertion of policy, assertion of evaluation, assertion of cause, assertion of interpretation) is it arguable, is it clear, is it qualified; supporting reasons/arguments: read 662-668, do 19.4 but write para--who's better (at representativeness, at consistency with reader's experience, and at adequacy in number), do 19.6: How's O'Malley establish each authority's credentials? what's each bring, do 19.7: respond to each question with "yes" or "no", do 19.8: "yes" or "no" response (relevant to thesis and reasons? appropriately selective? well balanced between quotes and paraphrases, integrated smoothly, explained helpfully


Taking a position essay--review reading/questions; reasons/support: example, statistics, authorities, anecdotes, textual evidence; take Kozol's thesis and move to argument (reason), support (how do you figure?/example), then development (an anecdote to support the example); Counterarguing: read 668-672, do 19.9 (p), 19.10 (p), 19.11 (2 p--signal and support, tone and effectiveness), find an example argument built on the top or bottom half of the logical fallacy list on p. 672 (skip "Equivocating")


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