Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 2nd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/17/2014 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Profile--review Edge: the info sources--direct observation, interviews, background research; identify the types of information (paragraph by paragraph), their sources (observation, interview, research), and the type of development (naming, detailing, and comparing) in Edge; read 79-80 consider possible profiles

Commas 1st and 2nd sets--review

Personal experience--conferences

Commas 1st and 2nd sets--review quiz

Profile--read 80; email eight profile options--two of each: person, place, organization, activity; read "Show Dog"

Good Writing--do exercises 7, 8, 9

Personal experience--conferences

Personal experience--revision due end of period

Profile--discuss options for collecting material: observation, interview (paraphrase/summarize/quote), research: find (and note the paragraphs) where Orlean paraphrases, find and note the paragraphs where Orlean uses narration

Good Writing--describing: subjective vs. objective, using comparison to deliver connotation, read 628-638, do 15.7 (p), 15.10 (s), 15.12 (p), 15.13 (s), 15.14 (p)

Personal experience--revision

Class during Period 5 (flipped with Period 6 for play)

Good writing--revise 15.7, turn in; revise 15.12, turn in; discuss 15.13; revise 15.14, turn in;

Summary, paraphrase, quotation--basic definitions, play youtube video; read 756-764, list why to quote