Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/22/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to the class--objectives: write narrative, write exposition, summarize another's ideas/words, use commas effectively, use apostrophe effectively, avoid passive voice/progressive tense; rules, grading: daily assignments/reading/responses, quizzes, writing projects--25/25/50

Narration: a personal experience story (not an account)--elements definitions: plot/conflict, setting, character, point of view (voice and the shadow the teller casts over the story), theme

intro Dillard's "An American Childhood": paradox, the unexpected within the expected/the universal from the mundane; read and focus on/note support for one of the elements
Independent Reading

Narration: a personal experience story (not an account)--review Dillard: discuss the elements in group then class

intro to Wolfe's "Death of a Moth": an insignificant event, yet so profound; what about the few moments in time covered in the story makes the event so important? Why'd the narrator focus on the few moments? What did it deliver to the narrator? respond with a paragraph
Narration: a personal experience story (not an account)--review Wolfe, type the paragraph, email to me, wait for response

Avoiding passive voice/progressive tense--the regular tenses, exercise due Friday
Narration: a personal experience story (not an account)--intro to "Describing" reading: naming, detailing, comparing, the senses, dominant impression; read "Describing" (p.p. 628-638), when finished do 15.1, 15.3, do two of 15.7, 15.9, 15.11, 15.12, 15.14 (all of these are lists), and 15.16 (paragraph)
Avoiding passive voice/progressive tense--the progressive tenses, exercise due Monday

Narration: a personal experience story (not an account)--type paragraphs

intro to Dillard's "Living LIke Weasels": finding the moments; read; find examples--detailing, comparing, the senses (list)