Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 2nd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/02/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Personal experience--review "Death of the Moth", the transcendent moment, the figurative language, the temporal transitions, the narrative language vs. the descriptive language;

Commas--after intro chunks, with compounds and series and dates/addresses, to set off interrupters

after intro chunks: after long intro participial phrases, after modifying verbal phrases (phrases: prepositional, participial, gerund, appositive, infinitive): participial, infinitive (gerund is a verbal phrase but not a modifying verbal phrase); after an intro adverbial clause, after a transition, after direct address, after an added element, after a nominative absolute, after an affirmation or denial--define and give examples of all these

do ex. A, p. 366-67, do handout exercises 2-7

Commas--review handout; phrase identification handout

Personal experience narrative--read 42-47; commit to a story

Notebooks due

Commas--after intro chunks, review phrases from yesterday; phrase exercises

Personal experience narrative--idea selections, what's the story; drafting: timed writing--5 minutes 44a1, 10 minutes 44b1, 10 minutes 46a

Commas after intro chunks--Owl exercises 1-2

Personal experience narrative--timed writing--10 minutes 44a3, 10 minutes 44c1, 10 minutes 46b; read 47-52

Commas after intro chunks--review Owl exercises 1-2

Personal experience narrative--review reading 47-52, story patterns; the assignment: 750 word min., story leads to theme, evaluation criteria

Commas after intro chunks--exercises (Bedford/St. Martin's) 177, 257, 389