Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 2nd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/07/2016 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to class--objectives/standards; expectations/grading: papers, quizzes, exercises, notebook; scope: three major papers--personal experience, profile, essay of literary analysis, grammar--tenses (in order to avoid mixing tenses, progressive tenses, passive voice), commas; rules: respect, no food/drink, no cell phones; materials: notebook, text

Writing sample: read the inside cover, p.p. 1-12, focus on the quotes from writers, choose one that's most important, inspiring, etc.; select one quote and say why it's meaningful (p)

Type writing sample

Intro to first major writing--personal experience, driven by the moment, delivering a point; contains setting, character, point of view, plot/conflict; compelling reading, vivid, meaningful, significant; think about options: due Friday--three moments: on top of Meissner, birth, ;

read p.p. 14-18; narration: dealing with time/tense, read 615-627, do ex. 14.4, 14.6, 14.10 (find verbs)

Personal experience--review p.p. 14-18: basic features: story, vivid, significant; purpose: to make sense, impress, satisfy, make understandable, come to terms with, entertain, confront, relive, rationalize, justify; audience; review narration p.p.615-627, the exercises

Read Dillard ("Living Like Weasels"),paradox: freedom and "single necessity", the figurative language, the transcendent moment and the events that preceded/led up to it, the significance, the lesson, questions

Personal experience--review Dillard: how much time passes, the transcendental moment, the paradox, the figurative language

Description--naming, detailing, comparing: characteristics--what's a human: list characteristics, what's an object: list characteristics; the senses--make a checklist; read p.p. 628-630 do ex. 15.1, use the check list to show what characteristics, emotions, senses you included

Description--Type 15.1 paper, turn in with lists

Personal experience--read 23-27, do 26/5; read Dillard ("An American Childhood"), what's the transcendent moment; discuss topics from Monday