Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/03/2003 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Daily language--Alexander's Terrible, Horrible: read noticing effects--repetition, rhythm, run on's; write one due Friday.
Read "Ambush"; discuss structure, reasons.
Review sentence/fragment/run on quiz.
Review "The Inheritance of Tools".
Personal Experience Narrative due, end of class.
Daily language.
Prose problems: passive voice--definition, identification ex. (handout).
Read "How to Write with Style", (handout p.p. 644-645, "The Prose Reader"); list the advice, reflect (in a paragraph) on the best.
Daily language.
Read "An Approach to Style", (handout p.p. 52-56).
Prose problems: passive voice--correction ex. A-B, p. 113, "Effective English"; progressive tenses--definition, identification ex. (handout).

Daily language.
Read "An Approach to Style"--1-2, (handout p.p. 56-57), briefly describe the process of "emerg[ing]" according to White.
Prose problems--progressive tenses--correction (handout); redundance--definition, identification/correction (handout ex. A, p.p. 202-203, "Effective English").
Personal Experience Narrative revision.
Terrible bad day due.
Daily language.
Read "An Approach to Style"--1-6, (handout p.p. 57-58), describe the writing process according to White; what is the role of adjectives and adverbs?
Quiz on definition, identification, correction of passive voice, progressive tenses, redundance.
Personal Experience Narrative revision.
Informative Exposition--definitions, reaons, example: read p.p. 69-73; evaluate "A Hard Act to Follow" with the rubric.