Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/10/2003 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Commas--that separate: series, independent clauses, coordinate constructions--ex. (handout).
Expository essay of comparison/contrast--review subjects; drafting.
Commas--that separate: review exercise.
Expository essay of comparison/contrast--review evaluation criteria; drafting.
Commas--that set off interrupters: definition, illustration; ex. C, p. 368, "Effective English".
Expository essay of comparison/contrast--revision.
Commas--that set off interrupters: exercise (handout, ex, 3, p. 573, "Heath"; ex, 5, p. 578, "Heath".
Expository essay of persuasion--persuasion defined, models--problem/solution, cause and effect, pro-con; read "The Gall of the Wild", p.p. 111-114, list arguements (problems); read "Student Apathy", p.p. 163-164; list arguements (causes); read "To Evaluate or Not to Evaluate", p.p. 176-178, list the thesis and the antithisis and list arguements (pros--thesis support and cons--antithesis support).
Commas--review all commas: exercise (handout, p.p. 46-47, 49, "Basic English Revisited".
Expository essay of persuasion--list 12 controversies; for any five identify the structure (problem/solution, cause and effect, or pro-con) you would use to argue; for any three of the five list the problems (for any you would develop with the problem/solution structure, or the causes (for any you would develop with the cause and effect structure), or the thesis (plus pro's) and antithisis (plus con's) (for any you would develop with the pro-con structure).