Lesson Plans
College Prep Writing 3rd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/25/2008 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Finish first draft of definition essay. Due end of period.
Using rubrics, peer edit for approx. 45 minutes. Watch for grammar elements, intro, conclusion.
Revise in lab.
Turn in two drafts end of period.
Discussion: concrete vs abstract definitions
What were your challenges?
Comma introduction: panda joke; why do commas matter? brief history of comma per Lynn Truss
Comma rules
From thisibelieve.org:
essay on beliefs--explanation and guidelines
List on board: things I/you believe in
Comma work
In lab: browse through essays at thisibelieve.org. Choose 3 to print.
Read essays with an eye to organization, ideas, work choice, etc. (6-traits)

Cryptoquip for fun.
Homework: read essays; choose a topic