Lesson Plans
Cooley 6th Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2009 Instructor: Jolene VanDeVeire Academics
Reading - Read "Play Ball" HMWK - Wk. 11
Science - Moon craters lab HMWK - Complete lab and Questions
LA - Spelling List - reduce, attitude, costume, absolutely, assume, sewer, New York, renew, review, viewpoint, interview, preview, value, continue, rescue, humid, universe, uniform, reunion, United States HMWK Spelling 10 and Sentences
Reading - Vocabulary, Reading Teammates HMWK Wk. 12

Science - Notes on sun and stars HMWK - Check Understanding 45

LA - Grammar - Subjects and Predicates HMWK Grammar 8
Reading - Reading Teammates HMWK Wk. 13

Science - NWEA Testing

LA - Spelling Game HMWK Spelling 12
Reading - About the Author HMWK Reader Response pg 61

Science - Chapter Review

LA - Grammar practice HMWK Grammar 10
Reading - Test on Story

Science - NWEA TEsting

LA - Spelling and Grammar Test