Lesson Plans
Cooley 6th Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/05/2009 Instructor: Jolene VanDeVeire Academics
Reading - Vocabulary, start reading story, Wk. 32

Science - Reflection Notes and Activities, Read 64-65
LA - Spelling Words report, order, sword, forty, enormous, explore, ignore, therefore, expert, service, determine, permanent, research, earning, worth, worst, thorough, attorney, disturb, purchase HMWK Sp. 14 and Gr. 18
Reading - Finish story, Wk. 33

Science - Refraction notes and activities Check Understanding 65

LA Spelling Game, Sp. 16
Reading - Read about author and Society and Culture, Reader Response 101

Science - Color notes and Activities, Read 70 - 74

LA - Grammar practice, Gr. 19
Trip to Fort Ridgely
Remember to dress warm and bring a sack lunch
There is a gift shop that you can bring money for
Reading - Story test, Parts of a book

Science - Light Filters Notes

LA - Spelling and Grammar TEst