Lesson Plans
Cooley 6th Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/19/2009 Instructor: Jolene VanDeVeire Academics
Reading - Read Granny's Chair HW - Wk. 41 and Personal Changes Writing
Science - Chapter 2 Review - Test Tuesday
LA - Spelling Pre-Test HW - Spelling 22 and 20 Sentences
moose, cobra, alligator, vanilla, banana, tomato, mustard, hula, picnic, barbeque, crocodile, coyote, koala, macaroni, catsup, polka, ballet, waltz, banquet, buffet
Reading - Vocab, Start Reading "The Telephone Call" HW - Wk. 42

Science - Test

LA- Grammar - Combining Sentences HW - Grammar 23
Reading - Finish Story HW - Wk. 43

Science - Sources of Sound Notes HW - Read 84-88 List of Sounds at Home

LA - Spelling Game HW - Spelling 24
Reading Read about Author and Going through Phases HW - Reader Response 127

Science - Compression and Rarefaction Notes and activity

LA - Grammar Practice HW - Grammar 25
Reading - Story Test, Personal Changes Writing Due

Science - Sound requires a medium Notes HW - Listen to a sound through 5 mediums

LA - Spelling and Grammar Test
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