Lesson Plans
Cooley 6th Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/09/2009 Instructor: Jolene VanDeVeire Academics
No School
AM - Teacher Inservice
12-8 Conferences
Reading - Read "The Glittering Cloud" Setting HW - Wk. 71, Storm Writing due Friday
Science - Substance Notes HW - Read 118 - 121
LA - Spelling Pre - TEst HW - Spelling 30 and 20 Sentences
Spelling Words - myself, themselves, hallway, homeroom, everything, teenage, teammate, skateboard, everybody, doughnut, ice cream, locker room, tape recorder, root beer, dead end, air conditioner, polka dot, roller coaster, ice pack, solar system
Reading - Vocab, Start Story HW - Wk. 72

Science - Veteran's Day Practice

LA - Veteran's Day Program
Reading - Finish Story and Discuss HW - Wk. 73 and R.R.

Science - Mixture Notes HW - Mixture Examples

LA - Spelling Game HW - Spelling 32
Reading - Story Test

Science - Attraction Notes

LA - Spelling Test
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