Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/22/2007 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
the students will begin by looking up the meaning of a logo, write a paper ,turn it in. then find 50 images of logos,skipping popular ones, choose the best 3 and write an anaylis of them and save this on theitr desktop.

Big note: no school this day, push all work ahead a day!!!!!
We will go over classroom guidelines. attendance,homework,,how to use their computer for storing information. How other data will be kept.
Any other computer problems.
Powerpoint on art elements-the students will take notes. Exercise on the elements on the computer.
Re go over any computer problems. Then move on to the principles of art PP. These build so much on the elements.
exercise on the computer to define the principles.
Define what the word means.
Look up definations and things they can find on what is desk top publishing. I will be using the acronimyn DTP for the class.
what are jobs, what things we will do they will help you over all, such as photoshop work,illustrator and hopefully a web. page.
Introduce the basics of photoshop.
Note:Need hand out of tool bar symbols.
Note: Remind them how to save and see if they are doing it!!
Go on line to where photoshop toutorials are and teach one as time allows, maybe fire or picture frame,students follow on computer and take notes,on paper.