Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 3rd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/27/2014 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
snow day
exercise in shape and layers. what to do and how to use layers right. making new layers and with the coustom tool it make it's own new layers.
Explain how to find photoshop tutorials again. get kids looking and moving on them. They can learn things more than what I can get in to in class. It is a very good learning experience showing them that the net is there to teach them also. Personnal satisification is high.
Sapce assignmnet -so we are using th emarquee tool and the shape tool. with plain color black and white and textured ones. new layers give new pen tool.
teaching on with the shape too and the marquee tool to create a patterned city in a box.

Looking for a photograph of Ansel Adams , we will use it to show value. by starting with an 8x10 and taking a way an inch and putting it on top ond scaling down the value by 20%. continue to do this until 3 inches , then go back to an original you have saved and place it on top in a 3 inch format.
We will need t continue with the value work . finish the black and white. now find your own picture in color and create the same process. should get a popped out wow.

Element of art color. view the artist van gogh . read about him and then find 7 self portraits, 4 paintings you like and then we will begin.

Or begin with the roses i think that is a better idea. find the clip art rose i will show them and then do a vase full of warm colors and a vase full of cool colors.