Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 4th Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/31/2003 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Review printing industry careers video.
Illustrator tutorial Classroom 7, lesson 3--Classroom 6, lesson 1.
History of Graphic Communication--read p.p. 3-7, "Graphics for Visual Communication"; questions, what is the name given to Paleolithic communication?, what is lacking that would make Paleolithic communication much more meaningful?, how many symbols were in the hieroglyphic system? When did hieroglyphics first appear?, what writing form was based on pictures that represented syllables?, what were the implications of having an alphabet of only 20-30 letters?, what’s a serif?, according to Meggs what was the purpose of the illustrated initial letter of Medieval manuscripts?
History of Graphic Communication--review questions from reading; see video: "Harvest of Wisdom" part I, questions, how long ago were the cave paintings in France produced?, what seems to begin simultaneously with the rise of civilization?, what’s the name of the epic poem of the Mesopotamians? (Bonus.), who developed the first paper?, what was it called?, where were Roman public libraries located?, what’s a scriptorium?, where was the world of knowledge centered during the “Dark Ages”?, what’s “Renaissance” mean?
Illustrator tutorial Classroom 7, lesson 4--Classroom 6, lesson 2.
Illustrator tutorial--Classroom 6, lesson 1--Classroom 7, lesson 6.
History of Graphic Communication--review questions from video; read p.p. 7-24, questions, how does “printed mass communication” become possible?, what were the drawbacks of motion-efficient cylinder printing?, what was the advantage of the linotype machine?, in a general sense, what is the difference between Dadaism and the De Stijl/Constructivism/Bauhaus design philosophy?, why did the Social Activists of the 20’s - 40’s prefer the poster?
Illustrator tutorial--Classroom 7, lesson 6.
History of Graphic Communication--review questions from reading; see video: "Harvest of Wisdom" part II, questions, what was the big advantage of Gutenberg’s printing press?, why did the authorities try to suppress the free press?, how did the printing press in part lead to the Reformation?, what was the written record of the Mayans called?, what’s the name of the first book printed in the Colonies?, who printed it?, when?, what’s the Harvest of Human Wisdom?, where were early newspaper printers often located?, who first attacked press censorship?, “preserve the past, record the present, and help record __________”
Illustrator tutorial--Classroom 6, lesson 2.
Review History of Graphic Communications--find representative design from several time periods: paleolithic pictograph, hieroglyphic, cuneiform, illuminated manuscript, woodblock print poster.