Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 4th Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/03/2010 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Demo how to make fire - 2 ways maybe
some practical work- look up and collect 50 logos ,from the 50 chose 3 and then place the logo on a page and write about the logo, using words such as color, value,meaningful, space,texture and any other elements or priinciples of art. They must be individual logos not one of the pages create their own logo. print out the page with the 3 logos and data.
this leads to their own logo.
If not first create their own logo then-mail to me.
create buisness card
send individaual photos too students.

did not do.
rairie winds
Gave an assignmnet on recreating a van gogh with tools they have .
Need buisness cards still
the rest of the week will depend on how far we have gotten on above work or how they have worked and need to be pushed.

principles as needed- pattern no
about me- his is a time for brainstorm about who you are , then using pis and words describe to a viewer who you are.
keep them moving-no
unity- no

about me continued.