Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 4th Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/14/2011 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
no school
set up the class on the computer
this is folders and colors
Start with basic tools on the tool bar- text tool, marquee,move,paint bucket and layers.
start the lesson on text- type out all letters and symbols in helvitica, teach @a,@c and @v.
Have an 8x10 sheet open to work on -titled text.
helvitica, helvitica cy, helvitica neu, times new roman and times.
Show and explain the difference between serif and sans serif.
when done with wed. work the students will now choose 3 of their own and change the alphbet to their own choices.

now hand out a quote. The quote must 1. be in one type, fit the page as good as possible, be in Black ink on white paper, title text 02, print 3005 and turn in.
Next the same quote must be typed so that each word is a different type, this will help the student look through the fonts more. quote must fit the page as with the first if it has an author they must acknowledge that.Title text 03.
On this day or might pick it up the day before.
Text 04 The students have the challenge of creating an animal with only font.1. must be only 1 font 2. i must teach the @t tool,3. must have different size type.4. must have a background ( What is a background?).5. must use 3 colors or more.

Now they can choose a photo and add type on top - use skills they know.