Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 4th Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/21/2016 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Start on the element of art line.
Do a line drawing over a line image. the image teepee's and bears from Paul Gobel . We will use straight lines and curved lines. This is done over a mask so most of the problems are solved.
We will continue to finish up today on the line art piece.
I have a line piece to do where they do the whole piece and a curved drawing piece also. I will have them do them next week while I am gone.
Shapes we did last week.
Start the lesson on logos and cards
What is a logo it is descriptive of the buisness or individual. The business card goes beyond and has addresses and e mail and phone and address.
On line choose 50 logos , uncommon not known from there take it down to the 3 most interesting and write a paragraph about each of them. Include line,shape ,color, any emotion,

Design their own logo based on their interests or business wish.
From the logo move to the business card. Define the business card logo, name ,business name, e-mail,you can use your school e-mail, telephone number, address as needed, a saying of what your business does.
I image the business card is done.
Coloring page of Grant Wood or Georgia O'Keffee
Value with Ansel Adams, then one in color
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