Lesson Plans
Desktop Publishing 4th Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/04/2016 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
No new assignment . Claen up day. Check grades. Get students to get caught up. Xeng a d Stacy are caught up . Maybe Zena and Gaoly
Another day to work on the tutorial.
Do the value exercise.
Choose a photograph of Ansel Adams,take some tie to look and enjoy his photographs.
Choose a horizontal one. Create a 10x8 crop. label, duplicate copy, duplicate again call this one leave as is.
Do not touch the leave as is we will work on the other two. Start with the duplicate copy and shrink it by 1 inch, do this in the image size box, go to image- adjustments, hue saturation and take the bottom to + 20 % this will make it lighter. Move this to the original. go back to the copy and take it down an inch and + 20% and move it on top and keep going.Now after 3 inches go to leave as is and shrink it and move it on top of the image
This is a back and white that gives quite an mage. Now do one of their own choosing using a color photograph.
finish the value.
Now a color exercise, show the rose we are going to use. Copy 5 roses on to a portrait page. Show how to change the color values with the color picker and color the pedals. Warm colors on cool in a vase.
Second cool colors on warm and a vase.
Are we done with the warm and cool colors?
Now do rembrant or Van gogh as a room with 6 portraits and a painting.