Lesson Plans
Drawing 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
assignment of van gogh drawing- due 10points
review van gogh
info on his self potraits- the students will choose a self portrait to work on,the portrait is in color they are to draw in black and white.
Define line-expressive,contour lines,gestural line-they kind of swirl around the page,
inplied lines,-show where an object is silhouetted against the light, creates value and texture-by hatching and crosshatching- van gogh face due at the end of the hour
give notes after break.
Define shape- or wait until tommarrow
shape- area, 2 -d lenght and width,positive or negtaive,geomatric or organic
Assign - from colord paper cut 6 organic shapes and 6 geometric shapes,arrange andglue down the geo in upper half and others in the lower.
Draw the exterior of a house with many organic and geometric shapes- hand out ideas
house due today
color - a lot of defination- so much note taking- stop and do the color paterns every so often, try to do in book or maybe on separate typing paper and we will attach in the book when dry-place wet work on the drying rack.
attach color in your book.
continue with assignments as needed.
You will be given instructions on a color pencil drawing.
weekly assignmnet due!!
Next week teach the ploy method of coloring