Lesson Plans
Drawing 2nd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/20/2014 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Read syllabus to the class ,explain parts of it
Begin to draw by drawing their hand as an exercise.
Then portrait drawing in 1min 45 sec 30 sec and 15 sec intervals.we check to see how the students have progressed form the first to the last.
Many in class gone to the football game
I will do my basic drawing of the head on the board,then hand out a handout of the parts of the face that is a little different.
Either draw one or two of the eyes or spend time looking for and drawing their weekly drawing.
hand out the head for those who missed it yesterday
wrk through the eye packet
then nose and lips
hair packet,
profile packet
first face drawing - go with a non traditionalist -picasso
maybe do manga here as a break of let them get through their first real drawing then a manga