Lesson Plans
Drawing and Painting 4th Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/23/2009 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
3rd peroid- after into.adv. start with a rembrandt drawing or really 2 each. Read the book between the handing out of the 2nd drawing. always try to move ahead of the last worker. They can find a weekly. Very important each student in every class is to do a weekly drawing every week of the guarter-docked for late work! Remind all classes of this all week.
Announcements are read this hour.
Beginning draw, eyes,nose and mouth work sheet, then the two faces in that packet. read book on picasso. the next 3 faces go together they are a series of how picassos faces changed over time.
then they have a cow that was drawn by rembrandt.
I will explain when I get back why it is important to study the work of the masters.
Draw the next line images of strange shape.Then they are to choose a Face from Van gogh's faces and draw one - these will be turned in, read van gogh to this group.

Back to advanced- draw the exercise of the villege. Find a picture of a village from a magazine to draw, by the way students rip them out and put them in their book.followed by the guy in the doorway. Then would be the childrens pages
childrens pages anfollowed by a chidrens drawing from a magazine. you check tomake sure the drawings will be a challenge.
Onto the school house- they are not this far and if they were they would be ready to do away with me.
I have set out 2 movies for them to watch and take notes on. the first should be the 3 artists, qize on thursday of the next week.Show when it seems best in the first week. then one on Piet Mondrian - maybe on monday-take notes.
Remind them of the 2nd weekly drawing
I have written some things in the blue book 'and please add any notes you want and need to.