Lesson Plans
Drawing and Painting 4th Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/13/2009 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
no school
Day 15- Watch Frank Lloyd movie- beginners- maybe wed. if testing
have FLW drawing done

Adv. intro to watercolor- have a discription
weekly due on Friday-
Day 16- value in drawing, value box study, 4 types of value circles.
Texture in drawiing- texture plates,

actual watercoloring advanced- hand out a small sheet.
Day 17- now put value to use and draw a flower with one of two techniques, squiggles of cross hatching, must work on the detail of the piece, draw almost page size, this is a 2 day project. Due Friday

now watercolor on a large sheet.
Day 18- weekly drawing is due.

finish flower- buildings again - trees, charcoal, from a still life, person

Adv. rennisance style, person drawing also