Lesson Plans
ELL Math 3rd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/02/2015 Instructor: Cathy Baumann Academics
Rocket Math -- Practice

2.1-2.3: Number Expressions, Simplifying, and Expressions with Parentheses
pp. 34-39

Hmwk: Simplifying Number Expressions 12
Rocket Math -- Practice

2.4-2.5: Equivalent Number Expressions and Number Equations
pp. 40-43

Hmwk: Number Expressions and Equations 13
Rocket Math -- Practice

2.6-2.8: Addition, Multiplication, and Other Properties
pp. 44-49

Hmwk: Simplifying Number Expressions 14
Rocket Math -- Practice

2.9-2.10: Calculator: Simplifying Expressions and Problem Solving: Numbers for Words
pp. 50-53

Hmwk: Calculator 15
Rocket Math -- 2-minute Timing

2.10-2.11: Problem Solving: Number for Words and Area
pp. 52-55

Hmwk: Problem Solving 16 and Area 17
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