Lesson Plans
ELL Period 4 2nd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/08/2008 Instructor: Jeanne Kelsey Academics
ELL History:
Test Lesson 11 and write qu., p.149

ELL English:
Azar grammar T92-95
worksheet excercise 5, p.44
ELL History:
Read Lesson 12 and define vocabulary words

ELL English:
Azar grammar test: subject/verb agreement p.96-97, exc. 16
Edge reading: definition map for vocab. T28
ELL History:
Worksheet study guide

ELL English:
Edge T29: discuss character analysis
Identify author's perspective
ELL History:
Finish study guide

ELL English:
Read story T31-T40
ELL History:
Lesson 12 test

ELL English:
Analyze characters: use chart; Wkbk p.22
Pronunciation book: listening practice p.12-13
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