Lesson Plans
ENG 151 Academic Writing 3rd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/23/2017 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No school--teacher workshops

Intro to class--the syllabus: objectives, assignments

SMSU registration/Library login

The Explaining a Concept Essay--the state of an issue: what information and where the information come from: the players, the history, the positions, the degree of seriousness/the implications for society, the possible futures;

the basic essay structure: thesis, forecasting statements, support; read "Cuing the Reader" 600-612--transitions, cohesion strategies (pronoun antecedent connections, repetition, synonym, collocation; due Friday

read Duncan--underline thesis and forecasting statements, underline and label transitions; do 13.4 (p. 270)--write/abbreviate, 13.5 (p. 339)--list, which most effective?, 13.7 (p. 70)--list/label, due Friday


Discuss readings/assignments from Wednesday

The SMSU Library--the homepage: card cat., databases: EBSCO and GALE; research process: the question, database selection, keyword search, working bibliography;

Choose one below (or another: check first), use EBSCO databases, email .pdf of at least three articles (from the EBSCO folder); due Monday

How dangerous is professional hockey?
Who inspired Shakespeare?
How much do we recreate? How?
Where does Minnesota's Iron Ore go for what purpose?

The Explain a Concept Essay--read 126-131; due Monday