Lesson Plans
ENG 151 Academic Writing 3rd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/30/2017 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Explain a Concept essay--review Duncan: the transitions, the evaluation, the balance, its effectiveness as an explain a concept essay;

13.4 (604) topic sentences in Statsky (270), 13.5 (605) transitions in Miller (339), 13.7 (609) cohesions in Cable (70)

The SMSU Library--the homepage: card cat., databases: EBSCO and GALE; research process/the annotated bibliography (Notebook) the question, database selection, keyword search, working bibliography;

most useful databases: Academic Search Premier, Expanded Academic ASAP, JSTOR;

play the advanced search database tutorial

Choose one below (or another: check first), use EBSCO databases, email .pdf of at least five articles (from the EBSCO folder); due Friday end of class

How dangerous is professional hockey?
Who inspired Shakespeare?
How much do we recreate? How?
Where does Minnesota's Iron Ore go for what purpose?

The Explain a Concept Essay--read 126-131; due beginning of the period Thursday

Writing strategies--supporting strategies: definition, analysis, compare/contrast, synonym, classification, analogy, steps in a process, reasons/warrants, data, examples, anecdote

read "Defining" 639-646: simple definitions, extended definitions, historical definitions, stipulative definitions

do exercise 16.1: three types of sentence definitions--direct, subordinate, appositive, due end of the period Friday

do exercise 16.3 (100 word scope, respond with expository paragraph(s)/sentences, MLA formatted), list at the bottom the strategies used, due end of the period Friday

NOT ASSIGNED***do exercise 16.6, respond with list/sentences, due end of the period Friday***

do exercise 16.7 (100 word scope, expository paragraph(s)/sentences, MLA formatted), due end of the period Friday


The Explain a Concept Essay--review 126-131: the basic features, explanatory strategies;

Writing strategies--review "Defining" 639-646;

comparing and contrasting: chunking, sequencing, analogy, figurative language; read 653-658;

classifying: read 647-652

review describing: 628-638

which strategies (defining--sentence, extended, historical, stimulative; comparing/contrasting; describing--naming, detailing, comparing, sensory detail) appear in Duncan: for any eight paragraphs, re-read and list strategies and the paragraphs in which they appear; due beginning of the period Monday

read Ngo, 132-135, consider for Monday: How well does the writer serve the readers needs and interests? Are there any questions you have? Ideas that you would like to see developed further? Are the sources believable and at the right level for a university audience? How well are sources used and integrated?


Five articles on question from Monday due end of class; defining exercises 16.1, 16.3, 16.7 due end of the period