Lesson Plans
ENG 151 Academic Writing 4th Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/27/2017 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Cohesion--review the known-new pattern (see example on acrobat page); revise a paragraph from the Explain a Concept using Known/New instances; email original and revised in one document end of day Tuesday

Finding Common Ground essay--review Bernard (191-194): the two opposting positions, where he finds common ground (similar value, priority, principle, etc);

what each of the first five paragraphs accomplishes;

Comparison/contrast--a strategy for identifying common ground, finding where the positions overlap, a pattern that leads to seeing similarity: compare/contrast: points of comparison/contrast, using apples and apples, comparing two people;

read chapter 653-658, do 18.2 (identify the points of comparison/the specific similarities for each bird/plane connection (beyond shape); in which order are each of the matches made (bird to plane, plane to bird)


Cohesion--paragraph and revision from Explain a Concept due end of day

Comparison/contrast--the bird/plane matchups (18.2); contrast good for arguing (to show, negative, differences (health care: my bill supports health care for seniors, your bill helps seniors die quicker);

read 654 (sentimental/Western novel pattern differences), list the points of comparison/contrast, due Thursday beginning of the class;

the two structures: point by point (sequenced), chunk--which type is the passage on 654; select one from 18.4, how is the passage organized (sequence or chunk)? what's the role of the passage in the whole? (p); due Friday end of the day

Prose pounding--before and after known-new

Comparison/contrast--review points of contrast/comparison in sentimental/Western novel pattern (654); review the structure (point by point/chunk)

Finding Common Ground essay--read Mae 195; list her thesis statement and two topics, the points of comparison/contrast (what the two positions have in common and where they differ) (l), how does Mae suggest early the big divide between the two positions/authors (s); due Friday beginning of class; where does she find common ground (using the list: values, concerns/fears, interests/priorities/needs, moral or ethical principles/ideologies/agendas, explain, due Friday
Comparison/contrast--the role of the structure (18.4) paragraph due end of day

Finding Common Ground essay--review Mae: her thesis/forecast, her comparison/contrast points, how she develops common ground; read Alexander 201-209; what's each paragraph accomplish? (l), due Monday beginning of class

do 207.5 (l), 207.6 (p), 208.2/3 (p), 209.6 (l), due Monday