Lesson Plans
ENG 151 Academic Writing 4th Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/03/2017 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Finding Common Ground--Alexander lists/paragraphs due beginning of class; review Alexander: opposing ideologies, use of Wikipedia, Alexander's bias, transitions and their uses;

identify what they disagree about, the debate: Weaver and Paige--the usefulness of testing; Bagaric/Clark and Johnson --torture justification, Mitchell and Walker--PEDs in sports;

use points of view reference center to find contrasting essays and the support that underlies the contrasting essays: analysis--identify the two articles you'll use to find the possibility of common ground, and how do the two reach their conclusions (their respective warrants/evidence examples), due Friday end of day

Comparison/contrast--analogy defined: a strategy to illuminate through comparison, where x and y share properties so must be equally valuable or acceptable-- life is a river--it never stops moving toward its destination, or a race--only the fast win the good life;

where Bernard uses analogy: 193.6 and 193.9 PEDs are analogous to race car driving (or other dangerous acts that are allowed), and PEDs are analogous to the enhancement a coach provides;

see <https://literarydevices.net/analogy/>;

including metaphor or simile to a further illuminate, but the danger of analogy: racing allowed/steroids less risky and analogous but not allowed: appropriate?

false analogy fallacy: see <http://www.txstate.edu/philosophy/resources/fallacy-definitions/Faulty-Analogy.html>

analogies on tests: see handout;

in the first example on 657 what's analogous to what? (w), in the second example how are the poor philanthropists? (l), due Wed. beginning of class

Comparison/contrast--analogy identification ex. from Tuesday due beginning of the class, questions



Finding Common Ground essay--three examples of common ground: each example-- review Bernard, Mae, Alexander;

for your essay, 7 minutes, why important, what happens when there's common ground? the point of disagreement between opposing sides, the warrants on both sides, the evidence that supports the warrants;

return to the "basic features"

review using outside sources--summarize, paraphrase, quote: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcMar1oq7r8>

read 215-218, add each article to the annotated bibliography, do chart (218), due Monday; read 219-226

Dr Albright comes Monday; questions, concerns