Lesson Plans
ENG 151 Academic Writing 4th Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/01/2017 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Finding Common Ground essay--reflection essay ideas and evaluation criteria, due Wednesday end of the day; final due end of the day; turn in all drafts

Annotated Bibliography--2nd edition due end of the day; turn in first edition with second edition



Intro to Reasoned Argument essay--brief examples, the basic features, framing the issue and how bias influences positions; read 264-269; read 270-274 and respond to the problemss below: the three reasons why we should be concerned about kids' competitive sports and why we should redesign their programs (the three problems with the status quo are what and what and what?) (l); list the sources of the evidence of physical harm (l); in which paragraph does Statsky add her first evidence of psychological harm? (n); where might the paragraph go instead? (n); what evidence does the author deliver that supports the idea that kids can become "discouraged and depressed" worrying about not "liv[ing] up to . . . high expectations"? (s); list two arguments from the opposition that the author specifically refutes (l); oddly, in which paragraph is the typed-out thesis? (n) ; due Wednesday beginning of class

Finding Common Ground essay--reflection due end of the day

Reasoned argument essay--review the basic features: issue, support, counterargument (like a classic structure, sort of); review questions on Statsky: the position of the explicit thesis/claim, the three reasons/problems with the status quo, psych. harm evidence first appearance, where to move

Argument structures--the Aristotilien, the Toulmin, the focused questions strategies see notebook "ArgumentModels.notebook", read Appendix A handout (note the last paragraph regarding organization); read "Working at MacDonalds" 280-285; what "framing" of MacDonald's jobs does Etzioni have to counter? (s); what paragraph best acts the Narratio part? (p); which paragraph(s) act as Refutatio? (p); ->one document, MLA formatted, due Thursday beginning of class;

review the assignment: handout and evaluation criteria handout

Reasoned argument essay--review Etzioni; in groups, list his "reasons" (Toulmin)

the Toulmin pattern (see ArgumentModels.notebook), the seatbelt in school buses context: the safety of our children and caring for our children is our top priority (warrant), and our future is our children and by preserving . . . (backing); a questions pattern (similar (see ArgumentModels.notebook);

do <http://www.groundsforargument.org/drupal/argument/build/how-it-works> then <http://www.groundsforargument.org/drupal/argument/build/try-it>, due Friday beginning of class

Reasoned argument essay--review groundsforargurment.org exercises;

Boolean, complex searches--research questions, list; view video: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6X8QyqN0gU>; example: seatbelts on school busses--search question: what the current understanding of the effectiveness of seat belts in school buses? -> becomes -> seat* and "school bus"; identify a search question, set up a boolean search with keywords, print out first page, due Monday beginning of class