Lesson Plans
Earth Science 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/05/2015 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
We will start by going over the test on water pollution and talking about the lab reports from the water quality field trip. Then we will look at the atmosphere, focusing on its composition, its importance, and air pressure.
prelab wksht (use pages 10 and 15 in your textbook)
Work on Ch.1 wksht due Wed.
Today we will finish our notes on air pressure before we make a barometer that we will use to measure air pressure in the upcoming days.
Work on air & air press wksht due Wed.
Students will check their barometers to see if air pressure has changed at all. Then they will learn about layers of the atmosphere and air quality.
Atmosphere layers and air quality wksht due Fri.
Today we will focus on energy and heat by examining energy in the atmosphere and how heat is transferred. Students should have some time in class to work on an energy and heat wksht.
Atmosphere layers and air quality wksht due Fri.
Barometer lab questions due Fri.
Energy & heat wksht due Mon
Today we will talk about measuring winds, and local and global wind patterns. If time allows we will begin building anemometers and wind vanes.
Energy & heat wksht due Monday
Wind and water in the atmosphere wksht due Tues.