Lesson Plans
Economy 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/03/2007 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
No school--Labor Day
Probably a short period because of class meeting.
Introductions Welcome back for a great year!
Class Expectations--among other things, there will be an attendance grade.
Introduction to BOLT products--flavors, sizes, prices
Tour of storeroom if time
How did Prairie Smoke BBQ sauce business start?

A look at the recipe: what ingredients are used? Where do they come from? What makes this a gourmet food?

Tomorrow we will sample all four flavors of sauce, describe them and discuss them.
Sampling day: taste and describe the tastes; discuss with business partners.

Look at customer account list: divide list for sales calls.
Discuss ways of taking inventory in storeroom.

Using a phone packet as guide:
research customer accounts
answer questions in "Before you call" section
Create a way to keep notes and track of your calls.