Lesson Plans
Elementary Art 1st Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/25/2004 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
The students will begin their weaving experience with a small paper weaving, we will begin with contrasting colors purple and yellow.
1st grade- the syudents will finish up their orange and black weavings and glue on leaves if they want.
Next they will color an abstract loom pattern, this will show line, shape and color. Cont. next week.
2nd grade- weave on the looms we warppped last week. Work on the over / under concept, color and not letting it come in on the sides.
3rd grade- choose an animal or a person to weave afer i have explained the project. This will take a few weeks. At the end the loom comes out and we stuff the piece, so it is 3-D.
4th- continue weaving . Their looms are ready now we will weave a pouch.