Lesson Plans
Elementary Art 2nd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/07/2008 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
kind. read some history on Ramadam.
Thought vfor all classes- Ways I can inprove myself this year.
Art project- on the lesson , thae the students draw with crayons the image they are portraying, mostly a moon series over a large town- reference would also be van gogh's starry night. after the crayon is drawn,paint with watercolore over the top for a crayon resit project.
1st grade - same as kind. ook for more advanced work and display of more skills.
Some times for resist work. I mix tempera and water on a separate table , with news paper underneath and teh students bring their drawings over to paint. Must dilute the paint well. Problem is getting them to concerntrate on the images at hand.
2nd grade-
Hand out pottery, wrap well with newspaper, cover with masking tape. write their name on them. Send to the class with teacher in milk crate- explain how they can break.Put note in the pot.
work on coloring with markers their waving loom, they are in the students tub. Weave with either white or black only.
3rd grade - hand out pottery, student swill add a leather thong to hang the pocket from and some beads if they want to, limit beads.
Draw moons over city or country, work on colors .
4th grade - finish baskets those who need to.
clay, will send in the pattern for you.
Basicallyy they will roll out clay, turn every 2 rolls . cut out a retangle shape, them cut out a retangle in the middle. add emblishments to the edges , sign name on the back on leace to dry.